Diz HO intahviewah - legend or cunt?

hahah wut do u think ov diz journalizt mofo?

  • cumplete cunt
  • nice guy

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Ahahah diz mofo azk gud queztionz

Tiz da :ho: dodgin dem lyk a pro

Fo eg, da “which performah make mo money den u?” queztion

da HO pretend he dun noe da :ghey::lib: $1 million per 5 min appearance fee :sunglasses:


“I am a kink” :ho:


6.00 lol

Wallace interviewed all the worlds most important mofos and labeled this one of his favorite interviews. Love that the Ho pull the sell the paper shit to the world most aggressive interviewer.

Straight baller pimp.

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Randomly, some of the full footage managed to get boarded by a private collector.

The complete 1977 pimpson vid exists…


I saw Wallace near Lincoln Center once. I think he’s full of himself and doesn’t show da Ho da propah rezpekt.

Yes this needs to find its way out into the world somehow. It’s probably being hoarded by the same guy who has the only surviving copies of Horowitz in the Brahms Paganini Variations, the Hofmann Buenos Aires recital, and the live Rachmaninoff performance of Beethoven PC 1.

Ahahahah da endin edit in diz intahview much bettah :sunglasses:

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Those don’t exist. Horowitz attempted 1 side in 1934 (around 4:30 of music), and rejected the only take. I doubt a test pressing was made, which is the only way that something like that could survive.

As for the Hofmann 1936 Teatro COLON, dat stuff existed at some point for sure.

Rach playing Beethoven 1? Nope. No way.

Truuu classic

Hof Colon still exist you think?

“You really love to play the piano… don’t ya?” :roll_eyes:

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It existed at some point and got “lost”.

Probably in a private collection along with the panties that Suzu Ichinose wore to her last vid shoot before retirement.

Poll needz a “nice cunt” option :dong: