Doctah vids

can any body pozt hear some vids of doctah, i ezpesially want HR2 and Chop Wintah wind…all the vidsx in dis site are expired!

haha, datz wut u get when u iz 2 slow leo 8)


MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA U KNOW MUH NAME!!! Happy 2 kno sumboddy here iz frum a prviouz forum wiT mEE! NOW WHO DA FUCK R U???

hi, i iz DA JAL
15 inchez peniz

anyway…cunt somebuddy pozt da vid?

i might upload da supahvirtuoso vid sum night


iz da doc on da mule?



I posted da HR2 fo u on CM.

contracts beside front-rower Kyle Traynor and lock Steven Turnbull. …
of Sport) prop/hooker Steven Turnbull (Stirling County and Central Scotland …

hahahaha, hookerz and lockz are usually huge mofoz so diz can’t be da comme. 8)

hahahaha, datz moi

hahah tru?





:doc: <doctah