doez da scriabin prelude op 11 nr 14 suck ?

haha, me will be performin some scriabin preludes next week tuezday night and me wantz ta know, im being told op 11 no 14 suckz and dont sound like a song, juzt random chords hit fazt, perzonally i like it and think it haz fury, what do you guyz think.

da crowd iz juzt some random mofoz, but do ya think they will not rezpec da speed and da mazzive fury.

REZPEC DA KOJI, you performed da piece well in yo video :slight_smile: ownage :doc: :doc:

shit randomly me pozted this in da wrong forum… aaaaaaahhh!!! :whale: :whale:

i lyk it but dere iz better preludes in da op 11 8)


hahahahah if u match da :wood: zpeed n fury u vil fo shor get rezpec from any random mofo :ho: