Dohnanyi: Disciple of Pimp, or random zl*w

I haff tried to get people’s input on Dohnanyi’s studies in particular elsewhere, but no one with whom I have spoken knows anything about them, if they even know anything about Dohnanyi.

He wrote three furiouz concerti in a more primitive, hungarian vein of Lisztian tech n jihad.

Opinions/advice/experience requezted


I played a few of Dohnanyi’s Concert Etudes in my youth and their effect on my technique was noticeable. They are quite impressive musically, as well.

I believe I played Nos. 2, 5 and 6 from Op. 28

Thanks for the response. Would you recommend one? I’ve been thinking about taking one on to bridge the gap, so to speak, between the Chopin Etudes I’ve played and the Liszt Etudes/Hardest CHopin Etudes.

i am thinking about playing them…fuck no.2 zeemz to be gensui. No.6 belongz to da ZIFF wifout doubt!..i am now Dohnanyi’z freak truly!

da Bb minah 1 iz 1 ov da bez piecez evah

I’m a big fan of the Piano quintets (especially #2).


My teacher performs some Dohnanyi,

wonderful stuff.

didn’t gould record some? i remember being a young student and thinking how dissonant it was when i heard some gould recordings… :lib: