DONGAH facin harzh kritticizm for hiz T1 octz warm up move


ahahaha da tube kridickz!!

I guess he does not need any warming up at that stage…; in general, it’s a mystery why he behaves like this; I find the exaggerated “expressiveness” in his behaviour and sometimes his playing really unattractive; but his virtuosity is awsome; I guess there are not too many pianists alive with such a phenomenal technical command, are there?

Lang Lang’s just an idiot. His performances aren’t so much interpretations as masturbations for piano and orchestra. People have kvetched about his bizarre gestures ad nauseum. Personally, I wouldn’t mind them if the quality of the sound didn’t suffer (wtf @ the theatrical over-rotational shit at 6:07?). One recurring thing he does that particularly bothers me is when he hunches over, stares blankly forward and does this hideous cud-chewing thing with his jaw. That’s a signal to me that whatever musical intelligence might have been directing his performance up to that stage has now been completely switched off.

All this being said, no honest pianist could deny that absolutely brilliant scalar passage starting at 4:00. Still, matching 1950s Richter technically in a single passage doesn’t excuse the shoddiness of the rest of the performance.

Shame such fingers are wasted on such a self-indulgent clown.

EDIT: Oh, and what he does before the octave section is pure, delusional megalomania. What utter disrespect for the orchestra, the conductor, the composer, and the audience. I can think of two explanations for that behaviour: either he is bored at having to wait for the orchestra build the logical climax for the movement, in which case he’s behaving like a philistine, or, what I consider to be the more likely explanation, he’s rehearsed the sequential finger-tapping, grin, finger-nail checking beforehand. In any case he’s no kind of artist and this represents charlatanism of the highest order. Can anyone imagine an artist orders of magnitude above Lang Lang (Rachmaninoff, Hofmann etc.) behaving so disgustingly?

Perhaps he will give up playing the clown when he’s older - imagine a 50 year old acting like this! but perhaps he will have been forgotten by then; another example of a typically Lang-Lang-esque interpretation: … o_response


AHAHAH FUCKKKKKKKKKK diz truly a nu low in SDC hiztory :comme:

da zepp T1 cummin up zoon

n i now wundah if ma own well-rehearzd move of zubtly gettin up from da bench aftah da 4’25 zcaliez den proceedin to zmoothly face rape the fittezt biatch in da firzt violinz while double fingahrin 2 othah biatchz to da left n right of her to warm ma fingahz up wud be cunzidahred ‘dizrepecful’ to da orch or worze, zhamanizm of da highez ordah 8)


fuck piano playing… just got kicked in another semifinal :frowning:

randomly LangLang perfectly interprets my thoughs on that passage. Just a very boring build up for an Octave display. Is the most boring part ever written on a piano concerto.

The orchestra looks so pissed of lol

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dat finishin move becoming hiz zignature zheeyat


that’s pure comedy; I wonder why anyone would behave like that

I needed this to clean my ears 8)

HAHA WTF 5:02 LOL. If he wanted to wait for his part, he should’ve put a drink on top of da 88 and drink it when he’s not playing. That’d be cool. :smiley:

I wonder what :orgy: would say if she read tiz thread

ahaha au contraire, dat wud be :zkep:


it seems da dongah doesn’t really give a shit about conductor.