Donohoe - Messaien Turangalila Symphony

Sound quality is a bit weird, but it’s a good recording. Conducted by Rattle

unbridled respect :rectum: I look forward to hearing this.

da only sheeyat i haff againzt rattle iz dat he’z a dear friend of da truly legendary pianist, Brendel.


rezpec chris! i look foward to this a lot.

Rattle seems to like Schiff alot too.

RESPEC! about time I hear dis, since it’z da Jonny Greenwood’z favorite piece haha tru 8)

Chailly’s rec pwns imo

dere iz diz azian conductah dat finished zome workz too , who pwns diz turangalila bitch

My favourite is still the Loriod/Ozawa rec… and I have a Loriod/Ozawa rec live from Tanglewood. Also stunning.

da myung whun chung pozz?

chailly/thibaudet sucks imo. donohoe’s is up there with crossley for me. i have yet to hear loriod’s recs in detail. i actually went and bought the donohoe disk. comes with a gensui rec of the quatuor and le merle noir. pretty gensui.

Tru, it’s just too bad the sound quality of the donohoe rec isn’t very good.

At least I find it to be a bit flat.

thats true. also, the ondes martenot is barely audible sometimes. it pisses me off in those solo sections in particular. the video on youtube with rattle, donohoe, and loriod is perfect though. if only i could find the actual vid or rec of that.

btw, i found a guy that has a video of that turangalila at the proms with davis (and i think aimard and millar). ill work on getting and posting that if possible.