downtime this weekend

hosting expiring, vill switch servahz.
as always, doonations are greatly appreciated contact moi for mo info

$0 raised so fah dizgrace :dong: :dong: :dong:

49 ziffros. you can payback whenevah. :smiley:

I can hozt da sdc freely on a dedicated servah 8)

i can host da SDC sharing server with da laminate floor forum. :wink:

hahahah when tha downtime iz ovah will I still randomly be an ADMIN or will thiz glitch in tha matrix be correctd? 8)


u’ve zofar done nothing, but stirring up da flame.


hahaha i alzo randomly toppd off mah ziffroz n made mahbadself chairman of da sdc fo a couple of minutez.

tru :whale:

da mart- add da on da msn