dude shreds alkan 76/3

i dunno if you guys hav seen this yet. i saw it when i was starting to realize id rather play piano than guitar, but it introduced me to alkan.


it still sounds better on piano tho, thats why i decided to play piano instead. even with mad skillz like mharrison, these hard piano pieces still wont sound as badass as on piano.

(ps: i have a guitar tab of this whole etude if any1 wants it. i did it myself becuz i dont like mh’s fingering)

for other vids http://marshallharrison.com/video.htm

this guys a fukin beast on guitar, he sweeps like a madman. his piano playing is sketchy tho. check out the bizet horowitz performance :blush: his godowsky-chopin et 10/1 isnt as bad tho.


his fuckin tech on da fuckin godowsky looks INSANE

he is imitatin da fingerflyin tech by kissin

he is obviously self taught

most wikid sheeyat is da fuckin insane mosz and wein sheeyayayt

That’s pretty damn cool!

dats rite 8)

hey thats amazing… I also was a guitar player who switched to piano when I found out the piano was a better instrument … that guy’s piano playing is weak… but damn he can play guitar

hahahaha, i hate to say diz, but he needz a piano teachaaah