Dueling Proks in da Dizney Hall

A few weeks ago, Yuja Wang made the difficult Prok 2 look easy. In da ztrapless evening gown yet. Tonight, Yefim Bronfman made the difficult Prok 3 look impossible. Hick Hollywood audience went batguano after the first movement. He stood up and took a bow. Should’ve stayed home and watched Da Dongah’s fighting handz on Youtube.

Holy eff, so many great pianists in the world and we get a steady diet of him, Ax, and other phat bastardz…

Uhh…maybe Bronfman had an off night?

He’s a serious artist.

zeriouz zumo :dong:

Hm I haven’t heard many interpretations of Bronfman yet, but those I remember were quite nice… e.g. Prokofiev Sonata no3 (iirc) in a minor or the Liszt Concerto in A major.

I think Andsnes is the best I’ve heard acrozz da peniztic rep in recent years. Of da 3 Proks in da LA Phil this past year:
Y. Wang (2nd) >> Y. Bronfman (3rd) >>> Trpceski (1st)

Yuja Wang plays the Volodos’ transcription of Rondo alla Turca quite da tru way!

Y. Wang’s Rondo alla Turca is intellectual sound. 8)

Bronfman is a major reference, I remember his fantastic Rach 2 and 3 some time ago. This guy can even play with Gergev conducting (Liszt 2)