easy and not easy req:

Ligeti 2nd book of etudes

Mozart Divertimento B-flat K.254 for Piano Trio


thanks in advance mofos, the Ligeti i need more… the Mozart i will need later but… i dun wanna pay a load of money for the complete Henle Verlag set…

:stop: :stop: :stop:

tru i vil znd u thiz

Rob = da man

here is the ligeti:

lesdjinns.com/dasdc/jre58591 … sBook2.pdf

i’m glad you delivered, otherwise i would have had to scan mine and it’s a sizable book

ahahah tru i probably zhud haff mentiond i zent it on tha mzn 8)

fuck, you guys still use that? diz so 2004 :comme:

haha i realized the same thing yesterday. I juz still have the habit of always signing in when i wake up and staying online all day long talking to no one and signing out when i go to bed. hm :lib:

lol wtf

mzn iz ma main tool ov communication :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme:

mine also tru

haha, gotta agree with that. i still use msn and aim regularly.

I never use MSN, just text messages on the cell phone.

when was the last time anyone mailed a letter?

isnt the first on the dasdc sheet database

n da zecund on da IMSLP?

i’ve had to mail letters to very old composers a few times who retired from teaching and most ‘professional life’ long before email was common… it feels weird now haha

randomly found on my HD…da zart ztill needed?