Ekat Danilowa -an up n' cummah


Ma choice fo da e-compz ULTIMATE FUUUURY CHICK

She floored da judgez wit her SPEEEED & FUUUUURY and was swiftly eliminated da first round. 8)

Check her MOFO program fo da recital round:

Chopetz op25
Gas fart de la nut
Mefisto #1

Dat iz ALL FUUUURY DA RAW FUUUURY & NOTHIN BUT DA FUUUURY. Best competition program evah 8)

and she unleashed in da 25/11, cumming in just 4 secondz short of da legendary GAV, complete wit a scale finish dat putz da SOCK to shame.



da zepp fell in love 8)

dont be jealous 8)

too bad she mingsā€¦

ok maybe not 8)

in da pic she iz cute

cute or not dis iz how fast she moves her finger dat charms da zepp 8)

btw: no respec fo da non-SD jury

not to mention da octz 8)

zepp did u see da vaginal insertion at da end?