EVERY PIANO VID U WANT IZ HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT!!!!!!!!!

Dayum, the download stops after 200MB. I guess I haff to get the DVD.

No it doesn’t.
Your downloader just sucks.

pianoworld.com/ubb/ubb/ultim … /6850.html

FUCK, da danor iz a fuckin dick

'i just entered SDC, read a couple of stupid threads and then i just found it by accident, i couldn’t beleive it. ’

what a dick 8)]

den da BEAVAH disgracez himself-

'Really didn’t like that HR2 by Hamelin. ’

WTF?!?!! da doc shud kick him in da fuckin nutz

Don’t blame him for his ignorance…

hahahahahahhaa wtf?

btw - mah msn AND trillian r fucked, u aint blocked 8)

da fookin art of da piano is fucked for me

it freezes while da d00d is tellin dat long horowitz story (afta da 1st horowitz perf), den it comes back in for da liszt pupil but freezes midway into cortot’s perf, afta dat da only sheeyat dat works for mah is da rectum rev

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I was lookin 4w0rd 2 da gould & ziff

buy da DVD

DAYUM, most work fo me

Haha, da site is down now. 8)

hahaha god is trying to lead u in da rite path which is listening to rikters 10-12 8)

[size=200][color=red]HAHAH THE SITE IS FINALLY DOWN!!![/size]

hahahahhahaa, maybe i shudve advertized it in a different fashion 8)

hahaha da SMD iz behind dis 8)


itz prolly da pianoworld cockz

it’s down, but the files can be distributed using other means. keep it rolling…yeah~

SMD is quite selfish

and my ass rolled outta dat fucka with all da sheeyatz i wanted

8) 8) 8)

next site for me to rape plz

hahahaha, maybe dis iz a 1 off

Hi Cocksuckers

the site was down due to some good amount of sht posted by k*** from PW. With the argument that the videos were ilegal (So what?) starting a fcking discuzz about piracy and stuffz. Then, him for sure, emailed the site with the same sht discussed there.

That’s quite stupid like "iz not ur buzznes if someone post “ilegal” stuff. Bezides, most of videos aren’t full like ARt of piano (however i manage to get it by Emule).

CZIFFRA WARMUP was the best i managed to download.

[color=red]WTF with the HORTO GRAPHIC!!! it changes the words to LAME style :unamused: