Explaination on Furry

Due to giant unleash of furry material/conversation on da forums, I am willing to explain why one might like this, but this is obviously private and serious stuff and it would obviously leave me very vulnerable to all sorts of verbal attacks which is not something one should do on da SDC.

I am willing to explain if you guys promise to act mature on this thread. Fuck, you can quote me on another thread and make fun of me just maturity on dis thread ok?

Mainly looking for confirmation from zepp, mart n koala as they are the ones that are most likely to fuck this up.

haha no

u azk too much 8)


fuck dem, i wanna know. if anything, explain it thru PM? or msn

skip tha freudism tho :rectum:

randomly tru

hahaaha FUCK den remain curious :doc:

nah, explain plz :slight_smile:

this is one of the odd things i’d like to understand, how sick it may be?

who iz “koala”?



da guy from da land of da potstickahz or w/e