Extraneous noise sheeyat

I was just writing some comments about how someone could end up being like Guido Agosti when it reminded me of Guido Agosti’s legendary recording in which a car basically drives through the hall with its horn blaring. If you haven’t heard this, check out this vid at 00:20 for the crash and at 05:30 for the car. I see that 3 years ago I left a comment in the video about this.

Any other hilarious extraneous-noises-in-recordings out there?

I don’t know what the recording is of, but there is supposed to be an organ recital disc which is regularly punctuated by pigeons in the loft above the organ.

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I remember Arrau’s Beethoven Sonata set had a problem with extraneous noise, which I think I read was the sound of his fingernails hitting the keys. Does anyone remember that or is this story a bit sheeyat?

You can hear fingernail noise very obviously on Backhaus’s Diabellis. Apart from that you often get weird vocal noises from pianists.

Even with today’s noise reduction tech, breathing / “x has a cold” type noises can be very resistant.

You can definitely hear ziff banging the pedal in some live recs. Not quite what the OP was talking about, but one of his Auber tarantula recs has what I assume is a splice from a different 88! The pitch even changes.

Pedal stomping is something I hate actually. Jonathan Biss did that like crazy when I saw him live, and Debargue does it too sometimes.


If it’s at rhythmically useful moments it can add to a perf, to me

It’s surprisingly common tbh, I’ve heard it on quite a lot of recordings. Top tip mofos, record in your socks :laughing:

2 pretty minor VladdyHo things- Rocky Broken string op.36 boot @ Carnegie you get great subway undercurrents and his '57 Carmen from his apartment you get the page flip before those 16th triplets

Cziffra s frog duet for one. Lots of faint cat horns in old New York recs but nothing crazy now that I think of it.

TM’z commentary recordings :laughing:

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There’s a really long car horn in this Fiorentino vid, although it’s a masterclass performance not an actual concert.

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That one’s a feature!

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when seein da OLAFSSON BACH in a cloizter venue

da MART witnezzed a WALT DIZNET zcene

a :bird: cummah n zang contrapuntaly with da VIKING :ghey:

I’m pretty sure I’ve told this story here, but this iz a good thread to tell it again;

A few years ago I attended da Doc annual ikif unleazh at hunter college. The pre-concert was Dubal sitting on a desk on stage talking about the program and then playing completely unrelated sound clips of hamelin like a total fucking dork.

So as far as I can tell he bounces from the recital …only to return like 3 feet over my left shoulder RIGHT when itz quiet for a sec before tha mofo part of Norma. He just walked in the hall and was standing there unwrapping a hard candy wrapper.

It was unbelievably annoying.

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