Fatty approved Piano Audio Setups

I updated my stuff.

Headphones: Dan Clark Aeon RT Closed (needs no EQ, less than half cost but liking them more than my HD800s tho those have time alignment that is spooky and makes you get a real sense of space but you gotta EQ their artificial bits flat)

Headphone Amp: THX789 one of the greatst amps ever produced. Andrew Mason is a genius. Buy his amp.

USB DAC: Topping D90SE can’t say it sounds different than the DX7 but both are pretty great.

Playback Software: JRiver using Topping’s asio drivers and the its digital volume control.

I’ve wasted money on a lot of rigs over the years. This is the best if you like an accurate sound.


Who iz dis Dan Clark mofo?

Dunno, but he makes good measuring headphones.

IC.,… zo wut about this Andrew mason then

He’s the dude that design the THX 789 amp. I’m cyber stalking him. We are best friends but he doesn’t know it yet.

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Holy fuck I just listend to the Yuja wang Berlin recital on this new setup. Its actually really terrific playing and a superb recording suddenly.

Well spoke too soon. these budget headpones sound a lot better on this EQ.

AutoEq/README.md at master · jaakkopasanen/AutoEq · GitHub

Hmm after living with it for a day I went back to no EQ. Hearing tape grain and a more defined mid range cool but tiring after a while.

Spit difference by giving back .4 DB from what was shaved of mid bass in the EQ recs at the link. Holy fuck this better than the HD800s now.


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After living with this equipment stack for the better part of a week and settling on the EQ above every rec I play its like I’m hearing the pianist for the first time.

Its fucking insane.

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Twist my transfers all sound different than I thought - mostly worse. Also Cziff’s phillips etudes CD sounds good instead of weird! Who knew