Favourite pieces composed in the 20th Century.


1900 |-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----| 2000

Pick your favourite Piano Solo, Chamber and Piano Concerto which were composed between 1900 and 2000, as represented on the graph. Of course, 100 years is a long time, and music underwent massive growth and change in this period. Tough shit, pick one for each category and stick with it. If you object to the question, please don’t feel obligated to contribute.

For me:

Favourite Solo Piano Piece: Medtner Sonata in E Minor, Op.25 No.2 ‘Night Wind’

Favourite Chamber piece: Shostakovich Piano Quintet

Favourite Piano Concerto: Prokofiev Concerto 5

Favorite Solo: Messiaen Vingt Regardes

Chamber Piece: Inner World, for electric tape and Cello. (Does that count?)
If not, then I don’t know.

Favorite 20th century Piano Concerto: Barber

You do realise this is an impossible question?

No, it really isn’t. But if you insist…

How about list a few of your favourites?

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Ravel Gaspard de la nuit
Stravinsky Petrouckha
Scriabin sonata no7
Messiaen Vingt Regards
Ornstein 8th Sonata

Chamber(little experience sadly):
Bartok Sonata for violin and piano no1
Antheil sonata for violin and piano no1

Medtner 3
Prok 2/5
Bartok 2

Porbably lots of pieces that I forgot :frowning:

But seriously in the 20th century there are just so many extremely different styles, and so many composers to choose between. We have such early composers like Debussy and even Saint Saens and avant garde like Boulez, and all these composer like Bartok and Villa Lobos who consentrated on folk music to insane mofoes like Sorabji(I like him). Basicly choosing my favourites between all of these is impossible.

Wouldn’t it be better with pre 1950 and post 1950?

Hmm randomly I think dat da ravel iz too old to be conzidered modern.

Can we change the topic to modernism?

Thanks guys, for ruining whatever small chance this topic had of being enjoyable. :frowning:

Next time I’ll present my query in several parts, complete with rules and restrictions… possibly even diagrams.

haha da chris…

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tiz hard but i diz iz mah pick

Solo 88:
Here tiz honstely a fuckin tie:

Da Mezz - La Fauvette de jardins
Da Sorabji Gulistan

da chambah:
da Webern - string quartet Op. 28

da 88 concerto:
da Scrib op. 20 in da F# minah (wuz written in 1896 so if u dun count dat i wud go wit da Schoenberg concerto but i really dun wanna)


Ravel - Gaspard de la Nuit
Scriabin - Sonata #5
Prokofiev - Sonata #7
Messiaen - Vingt Regard #6


Danielpour - A Child’s Reliquary


Barber - Piano Concerto
Prokofiev - #2

Solo: Godowsky Passagalia or Rzewski People United

Chamber: It changes almost weekly-Medtner Violin Sonata 3

Concerto: pozz Bartok 3

solo: prokson 8

chamber: shosty quintet

concerto: prok3

da russian domination :smiling_imp:

Zolo 88: Tie between Medtner Sonata Romantica and Ravel Gaspard de la Nuit

Chamber: Medtner Piano Quintet, pozzibly. It changes all da time.

Concerto: if u dun count da Scrib, Bortkiewicz No.1 in Bb major 8) Kickass maztahpiece.


haha, phil. i dont think most of that counts. this thread is leaning toward modernism more. most your stuff is romantic.

my pics (even though its impossible to name just one):

solo piano: messiaen vingt regards, kapustin (many pieces), scriabin (many pieces) sonata no 8, vine sonatas 1-2 (maybe 3 when i see it), etc

chamber: kapustin quintet, violin sonata, etc (drawing a blank on this one)

concerto: messiaen turangalîla symphonie, oiseaux exotiques, des canyons aux étoiles, tveitt concertos 4-5, etc

all of this stuff changes daily.

Ahahaha u dun zee da rulez in da 1st pozt? :slight_smile:

Randomly da predictability of da Jre’s choices- Messiaen and Kapustin.

Ok, thinking more in da ztyle of modernism…

Zolo: Barber Ballade, Berg Sonata

Chamber: Randomly I dun haff much experience in da 20-c chamber muzic, zo unlezz Ravel iz counted, there’s nothing.

Concerto: I iz zticking wiff da Bort on dis one. :laughing: though da Mezz Turangalîla iz alzo very good.


I don’t care what style the music is… if it was composed after 1900 then it’s fine.

Den Randomly Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2 muzt be da bez concerto. :smiley:

Randomly da :rock: 2 iz gud, but for 20-c Romantik da Bortkiewicz knocks dat concerto on itz ass. :smiley:


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im not even sure the bortkiewicz 1st concerto was composed in the 20th century. it might have been in the late 1800s. however, the other two were written in teh 20th century for sure. and those are plenty good in their own right.

EDIT: i just checked and it was written around 1912, so it qualifies, heh.