Favourite pieces composed in the 20th Century.

penderecki cello concerto pozz :g:

I love the piano part in it :unamused:

britten violin concerto

again chris specifies piano not a fuckin violin

da dongah dragon songz.


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n he also didn’t ask fo a list of piecez

lololol this is wut he said:How about list a few of your favourites?

:zhreddah: =ghey

-da Meph

list da favo piecez tru BUT not 57 per topic. ONE per topic and then STICK to it. :stuck_out_tongue: ONE concerto, ONE chambah, ONE 88. dat iz a list

list a FEW of you favourites. since da 20th century was 100 years long, choosing 10 for each list would still be a few :einstein:

u must read wut he said 2 u in da context of da thread 8)


hahha da kanada/norway axiz of evil

i feel yo pain zhreddah

then britten-zupah - violin concerto transcription for solo piano
bite my ass

die bitch

I love that piece Supah :smiley:

did u even read mah post above, u asswipe? 8)

do u realise dat da canadian edited his post aftah mah abd self had written mah lizt?

Yeah, and do you realize my earlier amendment about listing a few was only made because of your whiny bitchiness?

true 8)

8) zhreddah 1 - 0