favourite schubert works?

hmmmmm, yarr

Sonata D.960

'nuff said


Wanderer Fantasy (aka Bum’s wetdream)

fuck, dont use schubert numnbaz - i dont rememba dose shit

and jeff…what da fuck does da bum wetdream mean?


da mofo D960 is his last sonata in Bflat major

ahahaha, ic

da mofo with extreme length

and i remembah from da FURY of da finale dat it had ample girth too 8)

da D958 sheeyat
da mei ting’s one iz coo
but dat could be played wit much more fury

da impromptu op 142/4 is insanely wikid when played AFAP

Death and the Maiden…maybe my favorite piece…period.

koji (STSD)

wank fest de original (voice and piano) 8)

wasn’t ur name tharcozaag?


Wanderer = Jobless = Bum
Fantasy = Pornographic thoughts = WetDream

hahahaha, yep

ive herd u say dis b4 - and its FO SHO mah fave schuber piece


hahahaha, only a longdongahahahahhhhhhh!!!

da fatherfuckin’ lied litanei auf das fest aller seelen D343 is me absolute shitvorite

hahahahaha, respec 8)