Finally !


I am so getting this

Also, random question… does anyone here have the Max Harrison Rachmaninoff book? I want to get it but I need to be sure it’s good before shelling out $50

looks interesting, i don’t know a damned thing about Friedman, just listen to his recs…

tell me when you read some interesting tidbits, ey?

I love Friedman, and musical biographies in general but I’ll probably just wait until the library gets it. I have to buy Fred Astaire’s autobiography and Schonberg’s Horowitz book (which I’ve read but don’t own) first.

Randomly, I wonder how many shots at Rubinstein he has managed to cram into it.


Evans always takes shots at Rubinstein. For example:

I think it’s largely because of a couple of Ruby’s anectdotes relating to Friedman in his autobiography (such as one where he ‘outplayed’ him) and probably Horowitz too. But that’s just speculation.

Edit: Actually I hadn’t read this passage in several years and it appears that is EXACTLY why Evans hates him. :whale:

hah wow

I suppose we are all children in the end.

why is that?

oh yes I will definately buy this book!

legendary da Friedman haff epic tech. And best moistahz evah.

Chris, if you’re feeling generous then buy the Harrison Rachmaninov. If not, I advise you to skip it.

any recommendations for a rach bio?

If you’re german:

Ewald Reder: Sergej Rachmaninoff - Leben und Werk

Theres also this new Rachmaninoff bio by Michael Scott. Its almost 30 bucks but I figure thats not too expensive and I wont hate myself too much if it sucks.


shit…that friedman book is a must read.

tru, i will buy it.

Hardcover: 402 pages

Publisher: Indiana University Press (June 8, 2009)


Finally got the book. It’s beautiful.

It includes several appendices, such as Friedman’s Concert Repertoire, List of recordings and list of Australian Radio broadcasts that were destroyed by stupid ABC. It also contains transcripts of interviews with Friedman students etc.

In short, if you have any interest in Friedman, you need this book.