First mvmt of Rach 3

Almost tolerable.

Doesn’t sound very good with a second piano, but whatever.

Good job. I didn’t really enjoy listening to most of it (exception being the cadenza). You’re right that the accompaniment detracts; I think it makes the concerto sound a bit meaningless.

Anyway, there are no doubts that you can play the piano. Will you play it with an orchestra one day?

I liked it

very good…i didn’t lyke da beginning but i suspect thtat was because of the secon piano rather than tha orchestra

also…why tha fat cock cadenza rathah den da skinny :comme: cock one?

I think the “big” cadenza is more effective than the small one if I’m only performing the first movement. I don’t know which I’ll do when I finish the whole thing.

fat cock iz bettah

im listenin az we speak, ill comment on it once im done

EDIT: 3 min in: ugh ur accompanizt iz sheeyat. you sound good so far though

hahah okay, nice playing i like dit. i thintk he recording quality waz a bit sheeyat so i couldnt really hear the conflict during the big dick cadenza (lower half o the piano vs upper half imo requires a lot of contrast)


good job and congradulations on learning this.

It’s not an easy concerto (obviously) and this is a solid performance with good voicing.

Ahhhhh it’s impossible to capture the dynamics of those strings on piano.

Very nice. What else did you perform on your senior recital?

Also, I thought the accompanist was fine. Rach accompaniments are a bitch. Is Robert Rocco your teacher or someone you hired?

u still need like 500 hundred postz to be da sheeyat :comme:

ok but now seriously , is the second piano so dumb to not be able to phrase at the least the first theme the same way u did … fuck tiz da americanz i believe haha


how long did it take u to get it to a performance level?

in other words, how much did u have to practice it?

dayum…technique rly is inceasing by the leaps over time…

lol. Thanks for the contrast tip in the cadenza, it’s the hardest passage I’ve ever played and it was a good bit out of control.

I just played this and the Schubert B-flat sonata in the recital. Short program.

My accompanist is one of the guys on the accompanying staff at my school. He’s pretty stale.

It took me a while to learn it. I worked on it sparingly from last July to December and then I hit it hard December to January and performed it once in mid-January. Then I dropped it because of auditions and picked it back up in late April, with this performance in May. I usually took about 3 hours a day to thoroughly work the first movement. A lot of my time in April and May was devoted to the third movement and ping-pong.

I’m performing the entire concerto in late September, unfortunately with a second piano again, but my accompanist for that is unbeeeeeliiiievable (Boulez 2nd sonata, Hammerklavier, Sorabji etc.). He’s the one I played it with in January and it was awesome. I hired the guy in the recording a couple weeks before the recital and we didn’t start rehearsing until I think five days before the recital.

HAHAHA wtf?!

da candenza givez me emotionz uncomparable to any othe rmusic ive ever listened to. For some reason, i alwayz picture in my head a pheonix (upper half) fighting a dragon (lower half) and the pheonix winning (the chords at the upper half sound victorious during the climax) and all the forcez of good cheering

if i waz any lezz of a man i would shorely weep

definately im more interested in listenin to your interpretation of da schubert zonata dan da rach3. tiz piece imprezzes me much moo … if u have da rec of your schubert zonata ill be very happy to lizten to it and zee what can u do wif me favorite composer (beside mozart and chopin)

The Schubert recording is on the same page, … 664&T=8990

There are a few others there too, including my pre-SDC mephisto waltz and the most hilariously terrible blue rappa ever.

im listenin to da first mvmt. it gets sometimes really interesting. isnt Schubert amazing … ah…

schubert iz fuckin gensui