for da Zepp -trumofo unleash … ttach=5576 … ttach=5555 … ttach=5557 … ttach=5396 … ttach=5397


The Chopets are all quite respectable! Thirds could be more even :wink: but very good job! (Edit) Certain chopets have a certain driven quality that seems a bit persistent. A little more space could go along way. Just my opinion. Obviously that driven quality is great for 10/4, but 25/2 just needs a more playful approach. This etude has a wonderful sense of nostalgia that doesn’t come across in this tempo. Once again, just my opinion.
I really like the 10/4-such tasteful pedaling! It’s easy to let this etude get muddy, but this was beautifully done.
I’m just listening to the Beethoven right now. I’m working on this sonata right now myself-I think the markings in the first mvnt, mainly articulation and slurs, could be observed more carefully. Sometimes a slight feeling of rushing perhaps? A slower tempo wouldn’t hurt, IMO.

About to listen to the rest now. Keep it up-great work!

P.S. Tune the piano!

don’t feed the animals

Haha, da Trumofo :tm:

Respec fo da chopetz! Da 10/4 iz a bit on the zlow zide, though :laughing:

But ur 88 really needz zom tuning, man!

tru, seconded.

and da trumofo automatically fails for posting his shit on 88street for comments.

aHAHAA, tru

I iz ashamed;

I hope everyone has great Holidays!

that is true, I am a reject in this place. But I am addicted to it. I simply can’t let go.

Yeah, I am an 18 and should be mature. But forbidding something makes it even more appealing, no?