Fuck , i juzz found out dat da Zupah has a recital in a week

a professor from da Academy called me and told me to play a recital in Sopot on Thrusday 05.01.2006 its like a week from now and hell they want me to play :
da Haydn’s Sonata Es-dur Hob.XVI nr.52
and da Mussorgsy pictures at an exhibition …

and i still dont know these pieces in a good shape and da some of da pix of mussorgsky i even dont really know how da melody really goes … i think ill be off for a week or so to da recital …

hahahaa :lib: recommendz:

IMPROVISE if you don’t know da music!!

or juzt playback

da problem iz dat da audience will be mozzly old polo mofoz dat really know the music … fuck it … i think ill be practicing lyk 6 hours a day to da concert … im really fuckin afraid … but this is my chance to come out wit mah gensui

blind dem wiz your virtuosism den dey wont care bout da music, tru :ziff:

Whatz zo difficult to play Da Pixz in da Exhibisheeyat??


Xcept da part of da Baba-yaga_sheeyat dat demandz From da pi4ani$sT zum Intermediate-Advanced Teknique to play it


Randomly I hate Da Hidden Zonatez, or Much correctly i Hate Da HIdden Himzelf

or juzt do it sdc style :astonished:

remembah da polo mofoz dizzed da :god: