I just had dis crazy dream wit da comme. me n some bitches were at dis party n everybody got some, but not me 8) den suddenly i was at dis swim-or-die-gym-class n i was all lyk well fuck dat. so i took da busshome n meet dis homeless vaginaldischarge who always begs for money n shit (IRL OMFG!!) so anyway when getz on da buss dis dude says “tiz under da seat” n dere waz fuckin heroin dere, n da dealer wuz… FUCCCCKKK DA COMME

so i meet wit his friend who was da man, da zepp, knar n da scrib all in one (not in a gay way) so we went home to hiz house in canada. Anway, when we arrived I gave hiz sister mah “Twinke twinkle little star” cd (WTF??!?!?) n we went up 2 da commes bedroom were we all shared a huge bed, well fuck dat, so I went out n found out dat a internetfriend of mine, Dave Young wuz hiz neighbor so I went 2 talk to him but he was busy playin NES so I had to walk home 2 Sweden.

dat wuz a tru dream :comme:


I suggest u increase yo medz :comme:


da bed was huge… it waz great 8)

You sure you got the sequence of events correct? 8)

iz u high?




haf yo dreamz eva cum tru b4? 8)

da only random mofo in da peniz-community who made a random appearance in one of mah dream waz da Koji

mildly disturbing…
tiz pozzible 8)

ive dreamt about a few mofoz

namely, nico, k mart, zepp

nico wuz da wierdezt 1, n da MART had insaenly blonde hair