Furtwangler - 1929-1945 (on IDI)


Great recordings…contains some of the best Mendelssohn put to disc imo.

PS: request - Furtwangler Brahms 2 in Vienna near end of WW2 before his escape. Dying to hear that. Respec.

Request: a bit more info about this post.

Also, you want Brahms Symphony 2 or Concerto 2?

Symphony no 2

Track info here:


Great conductor- it’s a shame that a lot of really primitive engineering eeps one from hearing what must have been an incredibly warm and intense orchestral sound- Karajan was apparently obsessed with it.

The Brahms you’re looking for I may have recently downloaded- I’ll look.
If not, try Furtwangler + “megaupload.com”. That will lead you to most of the Chinese sites that have the most links.