Gabriella Montero - Jazz Improvisations

Love it, hate it?

she played here in Cologne on Sunday. First part, played bach-buzz chac, beeth waldstein, and bra118. It was horrible

second part, she improvised on themes singed or dictated by the public. Simply amazing, i can say it was one of the most extraordinaries experiences ive had in Concert Halls in the late years

cuntraversial 8)

pozz exagerated reaction of mahself 8) due to da inmense contrast between the good 2nd half, and the first one… I mean, seriously, it was the WORST Waldstein ive ever attended… even mah first lesson on waldstein like 2004 was better… oh god… how bad… but HOW talented in impro skills… i have her autograph :blush:

EDIT: of coure it was MUCH better than that vid you posted…

wow, she’s pretty hot.