gez wut? . . .

[size=150]mah reel name iz sukmah[/size] 8)

mah avatar:




bahahaha how can he not be banned already… all he ever does is post that shhheyat pic hahahahhaa

hahaha, u may notice he haznt pozted fo a week o 2

iznt diz a sign?!

rofl you banned him? he’s your biggest fan.

haha, actually i didnt, but i dunno hu da fuck he iz anyway

da k mart prolly banned diz mofo


Quote from: Christopher on March 24, 2005, 12:03:42 AM
I have talked to the comme you’re talking about some though, and while he’s a moron, he knows a bit about piano recordings at least. But, I wanted to clear my good name, I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I was him.

Actually, he’s not a moron. He’s probably more knowledgeable about music than most of the people on these forums. Lots of his posts make him sound rediculous/retarded, but he’s capable of offering more insight in about 6 lines than most can offer in 30.

da Chriztopher = da :comme:

da truth cummah

hahaha, da chriztopha iz da CHRIZ off da old chopfilez, diz iz da mofo hu alwayz argued wit moi about sheeeeeeyat

n randomly stole da comme name :comme:

hahahah comme, why don’t you resurrect the link thread instead of disseminating it through other topics.