giff me suggestions

randomly, i want to learn a dramatic/impressive piece for diz chick (who is zlightly knowledgeable da piano)
it shud be virtuosic n alzo haff great dramatic effect… shit dat can make chickz shed tears by the end if played really well (zhe told me diz random mofo played islamey for her n zhe was almost in tears)

i started learning islamey (but not really my style n i want to play something diff than the other mofo), scarbo (impressive but not really tear-inducing dramatic sheeyat) n considered the rach zon 2, liszt dante sonata, etc

but, giff me more suggestions mofoz

Rach first sonata 2nd movement. Done deal 8)

How long doez diz piece have to be? I suggezt da 25/11, maximum speed and fury but also has some moizt and lyricizm in da middle sections. Randomly I spent half of last quarter learning this sheeyat and I’ve gotten it to an acceptable level (although still nothing I would perform live). 8)

:kan: quazi-faust :doc:

if diz doesnt work she iz heartlezz n terribl in tha sack

Do Dante since you’ve already played it, don’t waste too much energy she’ll likely be impressed no matter what you play.

Scriabin - Fantasy op. 28! Have your heard it? Simply amazing.

tchaik-gudburgah zymph 6 zhitzo :gav: