Giltburg - Beethoven 32

Dis ambitious project…

First sonata is posted


I felt I had to do everything I could to present each sonata in a way that would do the music justice, despite the very short learning and preparation time.



^^^^ I was going to say it’s da millennial Insta age, but he’s 36 and shoulda had enough life-kickz to the ballz to know betta



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30 years ago this was still something you did at the pinnacle or near the end of your career - after decades of Beethoven playing and life experience.

Today, “oh yeah LvB turns 250 this December. Hell, I’ll play the 32, should be able to squeeze them in”


Well I enjoyed at least his Opus 2/1 more than da Zlit’s version. Though I could notice on some small things (some misreads in the slow mvmt. for example) that he has prepared it hastily indeed…excellent pianist though.

It’s not that, it’s what you instill in these pieces. More than almost anything else in the repertoire, they require a good amount of thought and insight. Without it you’ll get what zlit is doing now, or something similarly forgettable.

Also, Op.2 is certainly fine at his age, but I’d argue even as we reach Op.57 you need to be up there in the late 30s - maybe even 40/50s, since I don’t think we have the same life experience at a given age as they did back then - to really get to the heart of it. This is not even mentioning still later opuses.

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Tru, but it seems obvious to me that he is a more substantial and thoughtful musician/pianist than da Zlit so the result will be better even with short prep time…
But anyway yeah I agree in the end probably it’s gonna be quite a forgettable project this way.

Why the fucking mania with recording complete mammoth cycles?


i haffnt liztnd yet mayb tiz a gud rec but juz not a fan of tha GLIT interpz
tru i vil lizten fo a minut now n judg brb…

daim i do lyk tha zhap of tha triadz in tha openin, but even in early BROTHA i dun think it evah needz tha white-powdah face/wig ztyl ztaccato that peopl think zoundz appropriat fo zum clazzical let alon fo tha BRO himzelf :gav:

perzonl pref :sunglasses:

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All these crap sets!

How about actually preparing for more than 3 weeks if you’re going to honour Beethoven?


The subtitles of these complete sets should be. “A celebration of digital editing.”


Ya, it’s clearly rushed and he even admits that, but I still like his playing. At least its a learning experience for him that we get to obzerve. Diz da digital immediate releaze age after all.


Haha I lyk yo pozitive zpin on it

I am certainly not gonna complain about deze zetz n da :nigga: 250 celebration at all.

Did I enjoy it?

GILTy az charged :dong:


Dis mofo the opposite - in about 10 years (before his untimely death in 1977) he only recorded 22…


Why did I not know he was Auzzie?

Does anyone haff his Wagner disc? Curious to see if a good pianist can make something of those things.


Yes I spotted it as you uploaded it. Taking time pays off.