Glenn Gould o norwegian tv!

Yesterday i saw a 2 hour documentary a bout Glenn Gould on national tv. There were random visual clips from various live performances pluss many other clips as well as live recs I have never heard before.

This was of course great but the strangest part was when they played a private recording from 1948 of Glenn Gould playing Chopin`s 10.2 at an insane sdc speed!

Other stuff was goulds own transcription of Schubert 5th symphony and more.

respec norwegian tv 8)

-da Meph

Yeah, that’s just the new Monsaingeon documentary. You can buy it on DVD


I c.

we all knwo that glenn gould often played lke shit, but I was glad that in this docu they mainly played good recs. it maid me like gould more. :g:

-da Meph

pozzibly here: … UTF8&s=dvd

not sure.

-da Meph

sweden had it first


pozzibly it will never be on polizh tv which is overloaded wif da chop comp stuff and da duszniki festival…

btw , in the beginning of 2007 ill start capturing all these sheeyat which will be imo a huge contribution for everyone .

hahaah daim twuz on french tv in may
faztah den da shreddahz shorly 8)

hahaah da title a bit legendary :stop:
I vil :mule: it


we had it in feb 8)

what do you think the tempo was :stop: ?

-da Meph
:rectum: :stop: :comme:


i hadnt heard that befo :chop:

:g: :stop:

55sec :stop: ?

-da Meph

hahahahahaha da mef 8)