godowsky LH p&f on BACH motive

ahhahaha mahbadzelf zhall be zhowing dis sheeyat to a skolarship board in two days

whut are mah chances everyone? 8)

One of my favorite Godowsky pieces 8)

masssssive respec man , if the board haz half a brain, you have good chances. Randomly have u ever attempted le Festin d’Esope? I am currently trying ( failing miserably ) mah hand at those vars… god Alkan was one evil mofo :smiling_imp:

i’ve looked at the score like once, i think, sat down and tried to barge through the whole thing, but died around 17 or 18… it’s a doozy. man. i would love to play it one day though.

i predict…jealousy from da jury. awesome stuff as usual bro :rock:

also COQ since da KAN iz brought up in diz thread i wish you would play Aime-Moi from op.15.

I think you have gigantic career ahead of you dude. With daSDC global marketing team behind you prepeare for supeztardom

…[size=75]n pozzibly eventually git assasinated by trumofo [/size]

ahahahaa tru much rezpec az alwayz to tha legendary COQ 8)

u zhud attempt a LIGET one day :brotha: :gav:

i did try zauberlehling (it seems to me one of the easier ones) but after getting stuck FOR TWO DAYS on the fucking black-key cascade section i had to surrender :blush:

try fanfares