Going offline for a couple fo months

yo mah peepz, i haff way too much work and other sheeyat which I have been neglecting due to time spent on da net. So I am going take a break until da summer holidayz start. I dun know if any of you even give a shit, but I just thought i’d let you know.

Respec yo-bad-selvez 8)

aw, my favorite metalhead.

cum back soon!

hahahah peace, thankz fo tha hog rec.

n radnolmy summer iz bckwards in Australia? i guezz so ur gone till christmaz or sumthin?

tru, work hard. :ziff:

HAHAHAHA DATZ wut i wuz gonna say

BREW, REZPEC yo anuz

n make sho yo cumback iz a bit mo legendary den da RODz

hahaha, da rod cumback