Graffman interview

I came across this last night:

Not terribly illuminating, but he talks a bit about studying with Horowitz, briefly touches Wang’s emergence, and a few anecdotes. Not a word on L2, I think, unless I’ve repressed it. You might be especially interested from about 15:30 Brew.

Yes, it seems similar to what happened with me, although mine is fingers 3-5 (particularly 3). There still isn’t much awareness about it btw. I’d heard of it because of Fleisher but I thought it made your whole hand clench into a fist or something, so didn’t think that was what I had. In the beginning, it was just my middle finger slipping towards the nail when I played the scalar passages in the first movement of the Waldstein. It was only a year later that I was really incapacitated by it. Now 4-5 years later, it’s basically unchanged. Incidentally, I didn’t realise that Zsolt couldn’t play anymore.

He told L2 not to enter comps. It headlines a Slipped disc article :dong:

Fuck the whole of Tchaik 2 with 1-3 octave fingering! No wonder he made it worse! I wonder what his stretch is? I think I can just manage that on black notes but I can only just stretch a 10th. Lh more comfortable coz I’ve trained it.

hahaha dayum :jacko:


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I meant her studying years with Graffman & subsequent breakthrough, I think.