Great endings/finales/codas/fragments etc

Hi, I am tryin to compile a list of all the best (fury, speed, completeness, thunder etc.) endings
that I can think of, so that I can hopefully learn as exercises in the future!
In particular, I like ones with all types of varied technique - interlocking chords/octaves/scales etc. VARIATION. good if they can stand on their own, to be used in improv.

Fragments from slightly less well known or by specific artists appreciated, eg. we all know tchai 1 ending and mephisto waltz ending and liszt tes

Here is an example list to start off:

interlocking chords/octaves:

volodos turkish march ending
final 1 minute of caprice espagnole - moszkowski (hough/szokolay
cappricio dohnanyi
horowitz rach sonata final 2 mins

mazeppa ending chords
alkan sonata finale
Most cziffra improv/horowitz recordings
9th hungarian rhapsody carnaval cziffra
horowitz mephisto waltz ending encore

liszt ballade 2 ending




hows about the chopscher 3 ending, chopet 25 10 ending, macdowell from the depths middle part, Cziffra bumblebee, alkan scherzo focoso (whole friken thing), saint saen concerto 2 octaves, beethoven 1st son 3rd mov, prok 2 cadenza (1st and 4th mov), ranjbaran had a few furious parts and of course

MY BACH IMPROV … /index.php

try thiz :gav:

Medtner quintet
And a lot of other Medtner pieces


haha da rob

thanks, i guess the list could go on and on…

maybe i should be a bit more specific and confine it to say, alternating chords/octaves + interlocking octaves!

eg. liszt tarantella - hough - amazing
alkan 20 ans ending - libetta
horowitz racokzy march ending

you know those pieces where you just know its comin!

Liszt Scherzo and March :ho:

those last few seconds of the feinberg played by volodos don’t even sound like a piano - like smashing metal - amazing sound :gav:

check out LAZARBEAM (lazar berman) he owns the piece.

yeah its better, apart from the glissandi. so volodos must have changed the ending?

I prefer Volodos in general in that piece. There is another Alkan piece which has a lot of octaves at the end, its quite a hideous sounding piece in general, but ill try and find it.

You’re definitely in the minority there.

I’ve noticed sound quality of audio affects people’s judgement on what piece is better, at least subconsciously.

You probably mean the Saltarelle opus 23?

No, the name of the piece is Le Preux, Op.17.

OK, I’ve found a recording on youtube. It sounds a bit hideous indeed.
The Saltarelle is also a hideous piece, since about a year it has become a popular encore piece in wooden shoe land. Don’t know who started it, probably one of those Liszt competition winners.

The Tausig ending to Chopin PC1 has armfuls of comedy interlocking octaves. I’m not convinced it would be very useful in improv. 8)

haha da KAN zalty iz fukkin legend, da ROMA verzio even morezo

n da PREUX iz beyond legendary, requirez inzane tech