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I’m with Brew on variations generally, but I love the Totentanz!

In fact I think I have warmed up a bit to the genre with time. There are several classical sets of variations I do like now, LvB’s 34/76 for instance.

I’m not a big fan of variation form either, and certainly not classical era variations. Although I liked the Haydn F min enough to learn it (completely forgotten that I had!)

Totentanz and Festin :smiley: are great though.

He does them extremely well; I always loved both the C minor and the Eroica. The last movement of the Ninth is less successful imo, but maybe it’s because I dislike the “Turkish” march. I even managed to get into the Diabellis recently, but it took many years (although, it’s true I was only returning to them periodically).

From a composer’s mindset - studying variations are fascinating.

In attempting to compose myself - I’ve found it invaluable to see how imagination unfolds in this most transparent of forms.

It’s the foundation of Jazz and most improv too - it’s an easily understood formula that exposes the bare bones of compositional technique.

Schiff gives fascinating insights into that work here –

I find that it is easier to do variations within a paraphrase context, for the dramatic reason that rather than having them all one after another you can easily do ABACA or whatever and increase contrast more readily.

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Not a Schiff fan, but will give it a look later. I’ve heard it twice in masterclasses in addition.

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Schiff plays better in Masterclass than in rectal :zcholah:

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may interezt da

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Hope noone had their phone go off :stuck_out_tongue:

Both times I’ve seen him have been amongst the highlights of my season. If you have the chance I’d definitely recommend attending.

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Tru I vil if I can zchifft ma azz mo den 20km :comme:

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If you manage it, you’re doing better than most of your countrymen. Although, just yesterday I saw an article saying that only 57% of Australians even had a passport.

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Yes, your country’s fondness for that show and neighbours has always amazed me. Especially when you have the Bill.

C’est tellement ça, en fait. Godard est surcoté de ouf.

Thanks, that was really enjoyable

Have to give @mikey cred for the link, was osted on da tube dizcoveriez thread

Related - A playlist of him doing an in depth lecture on every single one of the 32 :nigga: zonz

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