Grosvenor owns all with scherz 1

Of course you all have the commercial release which is great BUT this is live and more “more” better : ) … ure=relmfu

Has no sense of structure. A bit :comme:

Sorry, but that’s really rather terrible…

that kid is severely overrated, in my opinion. needs a couple more years.

and the kid iz 18… massive respect , impressive perf

I think it’s pretty good!! I wouldn’t say it owns anybody but hell… damn respect … ature=plcp

and this… is probably one of the WORST perf of SCARBO i’ve seen coming from a famous pianist… ah… OSBORNE dissapointment… and wtf the hands arrangment… no respec

The Grosvsesvonr is not terrible – it’s just not a convincing interpretation.

At least it’s not boring or super conventional. And the kid has chops. It’ll be interesting to see how he evolves as an artist.

not quite abm level accuracy. :dong:

Those 2 upward runs around 3mins mark.

If my teacher saw me play like that he is sshhhh me to hell and took my hands off the keybaord. It’s supposed to go from fff to p or even pp.

A favorite tactic of my teacher.

i think it’s really excellent playing. he has an interp, it’s bold, and it’s executed with technical shitfuckery at vintage pogo level but without the super nasty bangy forte