Guezz da piece - MP3 version!

Attached mp3z r all excerpts (beginnings or endings) of well-known solo piano pieces or piano concertos.

We wull start eazy; I wull post more difficult versions after diz one has been solved :laughing:

edit - added sum mo
wtf6.mp3 (102 KB)
wtf7.mp3 (23 KB)
wtf3.mp3 (27.1 KB)
wtf2.mp3 (59.7 KB)
wtf1.mp3 (52.1 KB)

go fuck urself.

da 1st track contains just 1 sec. u fuckah.

who’s able to guess it???

damn, dis just pisses me off.

u piece of sheeyat !!!

wtf1 soundz like da opening of the Grieg concerto

wtf2 is familiar, but can’t quite place it yet.

haff no idea on wtf3

krittyot - if u don’t lyk it why bother? I iz sure othas will solve da quiz.

Joel - RESPEC!!

here iz anotha one dat doez not fit in da first post
wtf5.mp3 (111 KB)
wtf4.mp3 (134 KB)

wtf3 - rach predlue op3 no2 charpminor sheeyat pozzbly?

wtf7 - tha KANcerto 3rd mvt

wtf6 - random BROTHA sonata in f minor

wtf1 - i agree wit tha mole

EDIT wtf4 -rach son 1 3rd mvt


yo iz right on tha wtf4 n wtf7 (n wtf1). Da rest is BS, although yo guezz on wtf3 iz close.

So far, I iz imprezzed from da legendary repertoire knowledge of da SDC :laughing:

randomly wtf3 can’t pozzibly be da op.3 no.2 cause it iz not tha A oct with which it startz - as yo can eazily recognize with yo absolute hearing (or tha tuning fork for da disabled :brotha: )

i recognize da chopet op.25 no.12

and the start of da grieg concerto

wtf3 - da lazt ROCKET from op33 8)

wtf6 - chop bal4 8)

haha da wtf 5, i shud haf got diz :comme:

RESPEC!! Dat leaves only tha wtf2 unresolved…

N double respec fo da wtf3! Diz was really hard… So far fo krittyot’s “fuck u”…

hahaha tiz da shoe symphetz 8)


Shoe symphetz? Shoe = Schumann? No, da wtf2 iz something completely different :pimp:

hahaha randomly wtf3 could be about a trillion pieces.

but randomly i’ll say Chopin Sonata No. 2

I think diz kind of “steel” chord iz quite characteristic fo da :rock: Da legendary george zand wuz absolutly right on dat one…

tru, i heard 3 notez :whale:

hahaha u haff to admit twuz a gensui guezz :lib:

wtf 1,2,3 are only 1 second, rezpec the mofoz who get diz shit correct…