HAHA da DONGAH chopetz medley -rectum ztylee

:dong: :dong: :dong: :whale:

5’40 fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk unpredicktable!!!



2 handz fightinnnn

fucking moron

lovely contrast in movement between conductor and LL

hahahaha tha :comme: et
n i c da :dong: now needz two 88 to handle hiz girth 8)

azcentral.com/community/mesa … new-shows-clay-aiken.html

“Lang will play 12 of Chopin’s 27 etudes, including the popular “Ocean” etude, during the second half of his performance”

ahahah daim da dongah chopetz zeriez relegate da clay aiken to a footnote in hiz own article 8)

Those goofy movements seem to make him play accents where they don’t belong.

hahahaha THA DGONAH!!

dezervz mo international acclaim n awardz fo bein wikid :dong:



tru 8)

blogs.wsj.com/chinarealtime/2011 … ubtle-dis/

random blog commentatah zumz up de extent of da damage:


hahahaha da DONG LADEN :whale: :whale:

hahahahaha :dong:

he’s imitating Argerich with those accents, but of course they come across as much more vulgar