haha da political zepp

haha da mystical :zepp: reveal


:rudy: ?

hahahahaha totally gay

LEGENDARY :rectum:

-da Meph

:whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:


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Da appropriate thread to unveil diz polidickal ztatement from da zepp :sunglasses:


HAHAHAHA fuckkkkkk dat hauntin effect at da end

Zum pozt apocalypdick zheeyat!

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Tru tiz bazically

Curtainz down


:noztradazepp: :sunglasses:

I think by nature of how I’m judging candidates you are the leading presidential candidate now. Respect zepp Hendrix climax!!

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ahahahah da moz annoyin zheeyat fo a canadian mofo iz dat

we vil watch 5000 hourz of US election coverage out of pure fazcination n prakdickal zelf-interezt but be unable to vote in de end

ghey :ghey: :sunglasses:

Don’t think it’s fair Russians and illegal aliens can vote but not canucks :sunglasses:

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