haha daim, da Wildabeast on da New Yorker

newyorker.com/talk/content/? … talk_carey

hahahahaha and da nerve on da orgy dizz. Too bad orgy > lang lang > brendel > pile of crap > earl wild.

Da J. Lo comment about da Dongah is gensui!

But wut do yo think he meant with “Brendelization”?

Brendelization = Boringization = I can only play the music of two composers, so I’ll record their music OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, even though each successive recording is worse than the one that preceded it.


Ah, ok. I’ve been to some talks (not concerts) by Brendel. Without looking anything up, he can talk for 60 minutes without break about any brotha sonata you want. On da otha hand he can hardly distinguish da first from da second Rock sonata.

Diz guy iz really a bit sheeyt. And his pimp recording suck!

Wrong! I really don’t understand why there are so many orgy fanboys here, aren’t half of you gay anyway? <— serious question

I agreed da inequality up to da pile of crap

Earl Wild was awesome back in the days, and come on he is 90.


actually it’z

orgy>pile of crap>brendel>lang lang (just by a smich), da brendel and da dongah’s sheeyaty level is quite hard to distinguish

I just want to clarify my indignation, Wild is better than Orgy, brendel etc etc. Otherwise, the list is more or less accurate.

this is hilarious!

haha u really think I’m an orgy fanboy? arent u clueless

and CORRECT, earl wild can eat my shit

could you explain what is so bad about brendel in a civilised manner. Because of what you have said about him I have never bought a single cd of his and the I have only heard about 10 minutes about his playing.

-da Meph

Consider I have only listened to his

ALL 3 Beethoven Sonata recording
ALL Beethoven Mozart Concerto
ALL Mozart Sonata
ALL Schubert Work
Liszt Prigrimage and other sheeyyyattttt.

And read his article on Liszt and Beethoven and Schubert cycle.

I have concluded that, even though he had all these frou-frou sophisticated ‘IDEAS’ ‘INNOVATION’ ‘DEEP-UNDERSTANDING’ of for eg Beethoven and Schubert. He lacks the imagination and mean to achieve such ideas.

I meant, if he is so brilliant like he claims to be in his in-depth analysis in the Beethoven cycle, then why couldn’t I hear any of it?
Why would I hate Hammerklavier so much after I watched him play (luckily Ernst Levy was there to rescue)
WHy would he use STRICT tempo in the Schubert Impromtu Op.90 No.3 with no imagination and articulation at all, it’s like he is playing czerny. But wait, wasn’t he the one claim it takes tremedous imagination to play Schubert? And where did all those ‘imagination’ and ‘brilliance’ go?
I am afraid there was never any brilliance in his playing at all, upon 2nd reading, his so-called analysis are just bunch of fancy words that being used over and over and over again to make him looks like he knows the stuff.

Music is for listening, not reading.
I don’t care how many thesis and articles he wrote, his playing is utter shit and that’s the truth.

Edit, I listened to his Hadyn Sonata too, those are the only one that’s acceptable.

That sounds like a good enough answer to me.

-da Meph

haha also love the way he sells himself as a “greek architecture and african ritualistic masks” expert. such a cg mofo 8)

a couple of yearz ago I had a moment of unclarity and buyed a rec of da brendel playing random pimp stuff on it. it had da norma so naturally i wanted to c how he compared to :doc:

howevah in da section wit da arpeggios dat soundz lyk three handz he takes da cut. wtf???


Dis ol mofo iz havin da fun, gud for him he deservz it! Tis gud to be 87 years and happy… :smiley: :laughing:

:pimp: :pimp: :stop:

he iz 90 now

even bettah 8)

da horzefuckah owns da record for performing in public the longest. da un-wild iz trying to break dat record.