HAHAAAAAAAA.....I'm retarded

can someone do tha math for me?

if it sez GMT+4 and mah-bad-self iz in TORONTO, CANADA, i belive this is GMT-5

when can i next view the RECTUM comp?


youre 9 hours behind so da “mornin” takez place at 2 a.m. da night before

n da “evenin” takez place 6 n a half hourz later at 8:30 in da mornin

…i think :confused: :confused: :confused:

today’s link:

los3cabiados.com/llamadosvie … chorro.mp3

I dunno if Canada has Daylight savings, but it would be GMT-4 now, (Toronto is in the Eastern Time Zone, I believe). I also read dat Moscow is GMT+3 (unless the got summer time too, which would be GMT+4)

That would be a 7-8 hour time difference.

I randomly didn’t watch it today, so I supposed you would get a straighter answer from somebody who actually watched the damn thing.

Oh well, respec.


Ok so dat means you gotta tune in at 9:30 am to catch the evening portion, which starts at 17:30 there. ’

So now we both now. 8)