Hahaha a nu legend cummah!


Tru. I know him personally and we iz friends

How much can he bench?

He’s in good shape.
I is subbing for him this Wednesday at a random NYC music school 8)

I like this dude already

he’s super chill and we get along gud



da zepp wud haff zemi-embarrazzed himzelf by

callin ORAGE on da firzt note 8)

Diz mofo is LEGIT 8)


diz NUB FLY-DA-DONG combo tranz, TRU diz clearly SDC APPROVED!!! AHAHAHAH zum unique movez already, da LH brothah-key glizz, AHAHAHA n da ALT-OCTO FURY almoz ZLIT CAR-ENDIN ZTYLEE, REZPEC!! 8)

n note diz ARP-top-note unleazh tech haz da clazzic TAT-look :sunglasses:

tiz da gensui BROTHAH-phyziology at work 8)

TRU da zepp find dat different racez haff different hand ztructurez dat facilitate different ztyleez of FURY, diz gensui brothah n da bollywood RAM MOFO r prime examplez

da ART of da 88 can be infinitely enriched wiz cuntributionz from all mofoz of da world TRU :sunglasses:

Tru! 8)

Man, da potato is a top 10 dex mofo fo sure!
Dat CHILL look, not exactly youtube worthy.

Da average viewer probably needs to see better facials and :dong: style gyrations 8)

AHAHAHAH da TEACHAH prax footage 8)

def be better with shirtless nips out.



I know her personally.

She tells moi alluring stories of hearing Flier, Richter, Gilels, Ginzburg in da 50’s and 60’s each season before she left da Soviet union.

She also forcefeed da trumofo random russian chocolate each time I visit
Zhe iz on da fuckulty ov da artz school where I get teachin gigs sumtimes. $60 an hour is fuckin good for juz zub teachin n chillin

What’s her name again? If it’s the woman I’m thinking of I’ve heard a few of her Melodiya recordings and seen her speak as part of a commentary team before recitals (in those YT videos).

Damn she hand-feeds you chocolate while you play for her. You are living the dream man.

I never played for her. You kidding me? When things are going good, dun ruin dem by trying to achieve more. 8)

Her name is Zagisha

haha :ziff:

Oh that’s not who I had in mind. I can’t remember her name right now…

TM I was thinking of Nina Lelchuk. She looked a bit like her.

I studied with her for a year. 8) Flier pupil.

OMG you have the Yak in you. I knew I liked you for a reason :dong:

I thought it wuz fo ma looks :blush: