:shrimp: :shrimp: :shrimp: :shrimp: :dong:


da mild gheyness :shrimp:


da LIMP proclaimz himzelf da Prince of Speed ? :lib:

da sdc title committee shoud haff been consulted

hahahahahaha da legendary koreanz!!! dey make a LIMP fanzite n den rip all hiz cdz n live perfz :dong:

lyk diz prick7 mvmt3 from a random jap recital in 2004:


(randomly i cant link da urlz on da site) 8)

FUCK. Potentially amazing. Can’t hear much though. :blush:

FUCK 3:03!!!

give mahzelf a lil time.

i will post all his sheeyat, live recs and unreleased recs.


i now prefah him to da shrimp.

:stop: definez da winnah


i prefer him to dong and shrimp

you have to choose your fave out of the three, because there can’t pozzibly be more than 1 good azn peniz. :smiley:

n check diz, da live prelude16 from da chopcomp round1:

s6.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2V1PG … G9JMUR7VWD

hilariouzly 1 sec sl*wah den da dizcovery rec :stop:

da declining LIMP 8)

tiz wut happenz who u go study in da germany 8)

sorry 2 say, but that is a bit of an ugly recording. It made me feel nervous listening to it. I think that a few seconds slower and and the music would get to breathe a bit. Maybe this problem is made worse by the audio quality, again.

must agree. it’s quite an art to play fucking fast, but relaxed at da same time 8)

i don’t like da limp anyway

it’s an ugly rec, i prefer argerich speedwise
cortot owns it though :slight_smile:

u mofo shud really get banned to etahnity.


“slower” iz a typo.

da correct terminology iz:



hahahah da ORGY iz 1 sec slwah den diz, n 2 secz slwah den da LIMP dizcovery rec

maybe da jake n da animal wud prefer da MT rec? 8)