I only watched the second day of the finals.
Debargue and Genusias.
Debargue was ok in the Tchaik but there were times when it felt like he was doing these luftpausen and weird phrasing as just as if to say “see, I can do something different with this piece!”. Genusias was good in the Rach 3 although he also had some idiosyncratic phrasing in the cadenza. It’s very hard to impress me in this piece anymore. I’m not really sure why he entered, he’s already rather well known isn’t he?

Listen to the live Freire recording if you want to be impressed in the Rach 3. Incredible. My new number 1 recodring.

sendspace.com/filegroup/tsnE … AxIrWdtT27

Is the live one from 1979?
I’ve already got it, and I remember it being very good.
My problem is more about how people play it these days, too slow.
They really drag the tempi through the lyrical sections.