HAHH diz jazz legend


da ghey moonlight sonata :brotha:

hahaha iz pozzibly lezz ghey dan da piano4lyfe interp tru

Hahaha. Oh you Germans and your weird gobldeygook talk. :lib: Shiza!

fuck, that vid has tooooo many views, and all the negative but instructive comments are being killed by OMG I LYK THAT SONG YOU ARE THE NEW LISZT!!!1 :pimp: :brotha:

Uh that’s not true. Achtung.

tha end of tha world is near !

this thing had damaged my faith in youth

you’re 19 dumbass.

Iz you perhaps trumofo? :lib:

who da fuck r u?

Datz fuckin’ naff

He’s ruined Moonlight Sonata for me. Wanker.

2 sl*w

hahahah wtf diz lack of humor

bit unlegendary

or iz it? 8)


I used to sometimes swing the Polonaise op 44

but it sounded way better than this.

haha the diminished arps

this is legendary

the more i watch this shit the funnier it gets

I warched dis 6 times, LOL