Hamelin must have dun 1 of deze 2 things in order to get his

inhuman tech…

  1. Practice for 90% of the time in his life.

  2. Sold his soul to da devil…

which one? :doc:

both? 8)

That would explain his ridiculously calm composure… if you have no soul, you have no feelings to show.

tru dat…

but seriouzly, how much did he practice in his youth and now?

one of u hamelin-addicts must know…

he said that he has never really practiced more than 30 minutes at a time, for he has no patience and is lazy. and i quote.

yeah, he strikes me as the kind of guy who doesn’t practice much.

in fact, who were the big practicers?

Liszt, in his youth (but only for a few years)

Who else? I don’t know.

Kapell studied like … insanely.

izane prax iz necezzary fo rep, CONZIZTENT prax iz necezzary fo tech

RANDOMLY DA :doc: OWNS both of doze



da ZHRIMP reportedly prax 8 hrz a day


hahaha randomly I wuz going: wtf da prawn? what randomnezz iz diz?


where iz da confuzo??

diz da OVAHZEALOUZ chineze

actually, da godowsky, along with Henselt, were prolly the biggest practicers in all of history…

and da busoni practiced a lot too, cuz of his narrow hands…

maybe for you. :laughing: