Happy bday to bigbrotha

Datz was one of the BEST TRUMOFO reincarnations and it was all da way under da radah until da TRUMOFO himself made da surprise announcement 8)

So now you’re making tribute threads for your alt accounts?


Well, it does say “happy birthday” on da front page.

This one was a legit account because it went undetected all da way thru 8)
Until da TM came out of da closet, so to speak 8)

Reveal yourself! I can’t see past posts from the account.

I’m downright positive you’re the puppet master for a whole string of current members too fwiw. :dong:

Well, I invited a lot of new mofos and also made old legends cum back


dasdc.net/forum/search.php?s … ults=posts

That was a great alt personality!
Nobody suspected a THING 8)

After a while, we pretty much assumed that every new member was a TM alt. This only ended a few months ago btw.

Yeah, that’s sum Soviet sheeyat right there

Send even da innocent mofos to da Gulag, just in case 8)

I thought every nu membah IZ da tm? Is I missing something?

Nah. We’re all TM. =)

Yes, xsdc. You are me, you just don’t know it yet! 8)

Well I could actually do the Waldstein pretty decently this morning.

Still working on that JAV thing though.


I hope you added a BLACK KEY glizz in da first movement to upztage da EGO 8)

Sure - whenever there’s something I can’t play, that’s what I do.

So they’re all over the place. :dong:


Does that mean it’s TM’s B’day then?
Or were you especially crafty and put different birthdays for each profile?

Ahahaha a profile for each day of the year?