Happy BDAY to Josef Hofmann


He’s dead dude :stop:

hiz art lives on, nig

PLAYIN’ da skinny 88, da undefeated champ of da keys, representin’ Krakow, da Number One Peniz and da Pride of Poland, Józef… Kazimierz…HOFMANN!!!

You forgot the “Undisputed Number One Peniz”…he ain’t no interim Number one Peniz!

His best recs were made in a standard 88

It waz my first time elevating a mere peniz to the level of a celebrated cage fighter. I will correct this for JKH’s 2019 birthday.

da Hofmann wid hiz inzane wife-beater Kreisleriana. Respect dis bad boy.

I remember da first time I heard da Hofmann 1937 Jewbelly rectal!
Pozz in 2007…

Damn… da Hofmann was my favorite pianist for like 3 years after dat.
Now I generally go for his extra polished, suave studio recs.

Talking about marriage. What a miserable last years Hofmann must have had. Alcoholic and a wife that went completely nuts.
“Upon the basis of the affidavit and the certificate an order was made by a judge of the superior court which recited that Mrs. Hofmann was likely to injure herself or others if not immediately hospitalized and detained and which commanded that she be forthwith apprehended and detained for examination and hearing, pending the further order of the court. Mrs. Hofmann was taken from her home and immediately placed in the Psychiatric Unit of County General Hospital where she remained until February 9 when she was committed by order of court to the care and custody of the counselor of mental health to be placed in Kimball Sanitarium, there to remain under the supervision of the counselor of mental health until [131 Cal. App. 2d 760] further order of the court.”
law.justia.com/cases/california … 1/758.html

Fuck. Poor guy.

Some of those later performances are really fucked up.
Even in that condition, his tone is clear and pretty.

Da Hoff pic show the hoffpaw position.

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da arms straight out position optimal to mitigate

da bed spinz

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Josef Hofmann invented the BDAY.