Happy Birthday Score

Does anybody have a simple one page happy birthday arrangement they could post? I haven’t touched a piano in months but found out I’m going to have to play/read something for an execs birthday thing tomorrow… forced gheyness

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ahahahaha u can :pimp:-ify diz zumwut ztandard verzion, or inzert an INZANE BOMBAH excerpt lyk in da clazzik zepp birthday vid u did :fire: :sunglasses:

or play da clazzik TRUMOFO VARZ :tm: :sunglasses:

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Fuck this perfect. Got to siteread this in front of my whole executive team. Sight read scale… -10 Lib so I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile:


Play it like this :smiley:


hahahaha da CORPMOFO

beware diz ztart lyk diz n zoon dey will integrate u in deir ZPORT team :sunglasses:

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You could always do da FAKEFISCHER one…



Evaded having to play. Thank the lord. I feel my insides dying at these events…

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ahahahaha FUCK

da zepp wuz expectin zum hidden cam gensui footage :sunglasses:

Zhe hot!