nuff said. :pimp:

Liszt – digging trannies before they became mainstream

more evidence that Liszt was into CGs

If you make the tranny, I don’t think it counts.
Wagner is the tranny lover.

awww shit it’s Cosima, damn.

Yes, happy BD!

Holy shit!

Basically Liszt banged Vladimir Horowitz!

And tru, da Liszt was into trannies because - well, they make em hotter than regular women.

Doesn’t matter - the Music was genius!
Keep digging up pics of Liszt and trannies


Man! Horowitz was a time traveling tranny!
And his wife was a tranny too.


The horror:

pictriev.com hahahaha

What does CG stand for?

There’s a whole subforum dedicated to the topic man, you should be able to work it out.
Although in this case, they seem to be using it to mean something tranny related.

Actually, I found the answer in another thread right after I asked. Thanks.

I figured it was tranny related but I’m not up on the whole tranny lingo. I learn something everyday on this forum.

Man, I wish I wasn’t up to date on tranny lingo.
On this board it seems everything turns to tranny discussion; TM just can’t help himself.

Yeah man.

You know what? I might actually say “fuck it”, move to Thailand and marry a rich tranny and educate her on flat earth and um - trannies!

Use her as my transvestigator.