Hardest piece you've played.

Learned to a decent-ish level: Chopin Barcarolle
Learned to rape level: 10-2, La Campanella, HR6

Spanish Rhapsody will take the cake once I finish learning it


Random non-piano answer: La Catedral by Barrios. Though embarrassingly easy compared to what you piano mofos learn.


@Dr.TM, you found WW difficult? You seemed to learn it so easily.

ahahah REZPEC yozelf!! :gav:

becuz da zepp anzah to diz thread iz ALZO a non-88 zheeyat

zumwut :sunglasses:


Any recz? I’d lyk to hear yo amacha zelf

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On this subject, I think the distinction drawn by Koji between pieces that are difficult to play and pieces that are difficult to perform is very important (Chopetz :chop: :zif: :rectum: vz. ChopGodz :doc: :lib: - Which iz hardah?): e.g. the Alkan Concerto is more difficult to play than the Alkan Symphony, but (in my view, and for pianists who can convincingly play both) the Alkan Symphony is in some ways more difficult to perform than the Alkan Concerto.


No you would not.

I have a MiniDisc of me playing from when I was about 16-17, but that is the only recording I’ve made of myself. I don’t really play to perform, I play to study and to have fun. Think fattyfatman, minus the rape.

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Oh, I did post a rec of me in a transcendental study here last year. But that was a complete rape. :yum: I hadn’t practiced it, we talked about it here and I just walked down and recorded it.

I think it’s fair to say I embarrassed myself at a maztahclazz with da :kan: Beethoven 3 tranny. My mood wasn’t improved by a mofo doing a very respectable Scharwenka 4(?)

Live and learn… pozz.

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Da cuda rec is not bad but I prefer da BEARMAN



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We welcome rawrape here


I exzpec, zumtym in da fucha, da TM mini mofoz anzerin da queztion of diz thred wiz: “da Zepp improparazheeyat on themes from da :comme:tz” or zum sheeyat :dong:


ahahahah fuckkkkkkkkk diz faith REZPEC :sunglasses:


HAHAHAH fuckkkkkkkkkk

i find diz unbelievable claim inzanely dizrezpecful to da legend dat iz da FATMOFO :sunglasses:


I can only think of this topic in terms of the amount of notes, so my list will be something like… Norma, Tannhauser Overture, Rach 3, Bartok Etudes, Ravel-Maltempo Daphnis and Chloe Suite, Godowsky Fledermaus, etc.


You played all of those?!?! How long have you been playing??

I started around 8 or 9, so 21 years now… I probably should be playing better if I think about it that way!

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I know, but I wuz a day l8 2 hear it, da dead link iz ztill pozted.
Cuntzidahrin all da cg/joke/rape stuff pozted, wut makez u fink I dun want to hear da young X showing hiz juvenile tezto?


Reposted tranny rape for da Prokmofo then :wheelchair::wheelchair::wheelchair: